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Discover the Top eLearning Analytics with LearnWorlds LMS’ Pioneering Reports [Video]

Discover the Top eLearning Analytics with LearnWorlds LMS’ Pioneering Reports

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If you want to grow your e-learning business, you must know what your learners do in your school with your courses. Data is no perk!

However, having a clear picture of what your clients do in your online school is quintessential to your success. Skipping data is not an option.

If you have taught face-to-face courses before, being present helped you read the room. You also probably used feedback forms, and you made decisions about your next actions based on these elements.

But, online? How do you “read the room” online?

How can you get to know learners’ behavior in your online school? What do they like? Dislike? What do they find difficult? What are their content fruition habits? How can you understand both the big picture and the most intricate detail? Can you identify trends and patterns to improve your offering?

Time to Embrace Data-Driven Decision Making for Your Online School!
Shifting toward relying on analytics to make decisions, means embracing a new culture. LearnWorlds’ school ripe with available data to understand content consumption habits and detect learners’ wobbliness or high performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

With the LearnWorlds Course Analytics, together with user segments, user progress tracking, and automated reports, you are ready to plow the ground of business optimization.

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