Digital Marketing Topic 166 Urdu by DigiSkills: Other E Commerce Platforms Shopify, WordPress Store [Video]

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Digital Marketing Topic 166 Urdu by DigiSkills: Other E Commerce Platforms Shopify, WordPress Store

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About Digital Marketing Course?

Digital and Social Media marketing is an exciting and fresh training course incorporating a hybrid and interactive pedagogy. The training integrates technology, theory and practice. It will prepare participants with a foundational understanding of digital marketing channels and how successful digital marketing campaigns use the numerous online and mobile platforms. Furthermore, it also covers digital and social media marketing strategies, creating interesting and viral content, website design and management, search advertising design and deployment, digital advertising creation, Video and social media advertising, SMS and email marketing, social media campaigns design, and using data analytics to monitor and optimize the campaigns. The training is designed to motivate participants to think like a digital marketing professional, and to give experience with tutorials oriented video lessons, MCQs and hands-on activities. The goal in the end will be to create a well-equipped Digital Marketer for the freelancing world.

What you will learn after completing this course, a trainee will be able to:

1 Learn the dynamics of Digital Marketing Freelance Jobs

2 Learn the foundations of Digital and Social Media Marketing

3 Understand the evolution of Marketing discipline from the traditional to the digital medium, and its importance in the current age

4 Develop effective and contemporary Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Understand and implement the process of Digital Marketing through the use of various tools

6 Engage and attract traffic to Digital Assets through the use of tools and techniques

7 Learn how to monitor, optimize and evaluate the Digital Marketing strategy through the use of Data Analytics

8 Learn how to be an effective Digital Marketing Freelancer

What is this Online Training Program?

Pakistan is the world’s fourth largest provider of online freelancers with estimated registered number of online freelancers ranging in several hundreds of thousands. Most of the work done is for international clients; therefore, money earned by them is brought into the country, mainly as foreign remittances. While accurate data on money brought by freelancers is not available, estimates range from $ 500 Million to $ 1.3 Billion annually.

The program aims at not only developing key specialized skills, but also imparting knowledge about various freelancing and other employment and entrepreneurial opportunities available internationally and locally. Due to limited employment opportunities, it is essential for upcoming workforce to have necessary knowledge and abilities to grab such opportunities. This is envisaged to be achieved through a national level program, which will train target audiences in freelancing and other specialized skills listed below:

The goal of is to provide yearly free training to 1 million Pakistani nations. This is a largest platform over the world to providing free digital skills knowledge to the nation.


1. Freelancing

2. E-Commerce Management

3. AutoCAD

4. Digital Literacy

5. QuickBooks

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

7. WordPress

8. Graphics Design

9. Creative Writing

10 Digital Marketing

Please visit below link for more courses;

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