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Digital Content Marketing Team Structure: Key Roles and Responsibilities [Video]

First we’re going to talk about your marketing team. To be strong in our team function, we need two things:

  • We need the right people in the right roles
  • And two, we need all core accountabilities covered

The people on your team, the people actually creating and executing your message are just as important as the people that you’re trying to reach.

As we review team structure, think of these as core accountabilities, not necessarily individual roles. What I mean by that is one person may own multiple functions. How many of you wear more than one hat on your marketing team? Quite a few, ok, so you can relate to this.

Or, multiple people might focus on just one function. As an example, if you have a bigger team, you might have multiple people that have a content creation accountability, and that’s primarily what they do.

Your scale, your resources and your needs are really going to dictate the actual number of people required for each accountability.

Let’s look at the accountabilities:


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