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Extend Acumatica Wireless Barcode Scanning and Shipping

Streamline warehouse operations, automate shipping, and integrate external e-commerce applications with Descartes OzLink™. The solution directly integrates with the Acumatica platform, ensuring the activities on the warehouse floor are reflected real-time in Acumatica. Whether you are a small business looking to add barcoding, a multi-channel high-volume retailer or wholesale distributor, we have the solutions and the experience to help businesses apply industry best practices and streamline operations.

Innovative and highly respected companies use one or more of our Descartes OzLink solutions to achieve a higher level of productivity, efficiency and to better manage operations.

Descartes OzLink™ Mobile Enterprise

Descartes OzLink Mobile Enterprise works with devices like the Motorola MC9200 to streamline warehouse and manufacturing processes. The solution is tailored to each business's specific workflows and operations. With Descartes OzLink, mobile devices can be used to:

  • Receive purchase orders print barcode labels
  • Increase performance with wireless picking using multiple options including single order picking, multi-order picking, or paperless tote-based picking
  • Gain …
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