Deals: Learn How To Trade And Use Bitcoin [Video]

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Bitcoin is the next big thing: it’s fast, reliable, and cheap to trade, making it a serious game-changer for online commerce. This Bit.Yoga online training course is the perfect introduction for beginners, teaching you the fundamentals behind Bitcoin, how to trade and store it, and how to launch your own Bitcoin-powered business.

During your instruction, you’ll learn all about what Bitcoin is, how it’s valued, and how to trade it online. Walk through Bitcoin’s unique advantages, and discover how to leverage them in your own Bitcoin-powered store. What’s more, you’ll even get exposed to Bitcoin mining and learn the best ways to collect this currency for yourself.

The Bit.Yoga course normally retails for $388.70 AUD. But Kotaku readers can save over 80% off, taking the price down to only $50.70 AUD [$39 USD].

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