‘Creepy’ moment Amazon driver breathes on customer’s window and writes a message in the condensation [Video]

This is the bizarre moment a 'creepy' Amazon delivery driver breathes on a customer's window and writes a message with his finger in the condensation. 

Customer Jonathan Doblips from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, spotted the strange behaviour while reviewing the CCTV at his home. 

Footage shows the Amazon driver walk up the gravel driveway on December 6 with the parcel tucked underneath his arm before knocking on the front door. 

The 35-second clip sees the driver walk over to the window after no one comes to the door. 

The driver, wearing a hi-vis and face mask underneath his nose, peers through the front window. 

He then breathes onto the glass and uses his finger to write something in the condensation on the window. 

The driver walks over to a blue wheelie bin near to the front door and places the parcel behind the bin. 

He then strolls back to the white van …

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