Credit Cards for Ecommerce & Dropshipping | Take Control of Your Cashflow and Earn Valuable Rewards [Video]

Credit Cards for Ecommerce & Dropshipping | Take Control of Your Cashflow and Earn Valuable Rewards

Hey everyone, Dayu here from EcommOps. This is a video about the benefits of using a credit card for your Ecommerce or dropshipping business, and my personal recommendations of the best credit cards options out there.

Are you a Shopify, WooCommerce store owner or an AliExpress dropshipper? Do you use PayPal, debit cards, or bank transfers to pay for your Facebook ads or google ads? If you’ve had enough waiting for Shopify / Stripe / Paypal to pay out your revenues while balancing between paying your suppliers, team members, and paying for Facebook ads, we might just have the answer for you.

First think about this, what is the most important thing for the short term operations of your Ecommerce business? It’s not marketing, not shipping times, not even product quality.

It’s CASHFLOW. Because the lack of which could significantly damage your business.

If you constantly end up with less cash than you expected and are barely making ends meet, then you should consider using a business credit card. Our advice, put your Facebook ad spend on your credit cards.

Now, does it even make a difference and why? Consider this, would it make a difference for your business if you can pay the say 20k ad spend 30 days later instead of right away? Duh, heck yeah!

With a business credit card, you don’t have to pay off the balance until ~30 days after Facebook charges you (depending on your billing cycle), FREE of charge. Your short-term cash flow situations become MUCH better, leaving more room in the short term to focus on your business without worrying about your bank account. The money is not yours, but having that extra cash flow room gives you so much flexibility to run your business.

There is even a bonus to using credit cards – Rewards! If you are based in the US, you can get some crazy rewards for doing nothing but putting the credit cards on your account. The below are US rewards, if you are in another country it might differ. Chase Business Ink Preferred and the Amex business gold are by far the best credit cards when running ads because they provide a whopping 3X points on ads for Chase, and 4X points on ads for the Amex on the first $150k spend each. Plus you can get a 100k bonus miles from chase preferred and a 70k bonus from Amex business gold (link below) right now.

Besides, how does a 0% annual percentage rate (APR) card sounds? Some cards have 0% interest on your balance for between 12 to 18 months. You just have to pay a monthly minimum, which is usually about 1-2% of the outstanding balance. Yes, that is what exactly it sounds like – basically a free loan from the credit card company for the whole term (minus the min payment). Perfect for a startup business!

The credit cards bonus offers are linked below –

Chase Ink Business Preferred (3X pts bonus on ad spend and 100k bonus):

American Express Business Gold (4X pts bonus on ad spend and 70k bonus):

Chase Ink Business Unlimited (1.5% cashback with 0% APR for 12 months and $750 cash bonus):

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