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Creative water bag toys,best dropshipping suppliers,winning products,bigcommerce,sell this now

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In this episode of "My Job is YouTube", Bay Area-based Randy Lau of Made with Lau, tells the story of being out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic and having a baby on the way, to earning a living while sharing classic Chinese cuisine with people around the world and celebrating his family legacy - all in the course of a year thanks to the success of his channel. He talks about his path from overcoming uncertainty about his future, to becoming a full time YouTuber. Hear practical tips from Randy on how he grew his channel. These are the stories of #YouTubeImpact. Check out the Made with Lau channel: 0:24 Intro 1:07 The backstory: Starting a channel in the Pandemic 2:05 How did you stay ahead with making content? 3:34 How did you keep motivated during the Pandemic? 4:22 Diversifying revenue streams 4:50 How sponsorships work 5:40 Potential for starting a YouTube Channel 6:20 Advice for getting started on YouTube Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos: Check out our Help Center: