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Create and Use a Lead Magnet in Squarespace [2020] [Video]

You worked hard to get traffic to your site… how are you leveraging that hard work?

The BEST way to grow your business (organically too) is to grow your list.

This simply means, you are collecting email addresses from interested people and put it in a “list.”

This list lives in your site and grows as people continue to “opt-in” and you now have direct access to those emails.

You can then email this list ANYTIME you want. With promotions or emails just to say hi, or to share more value.

A great way to grow your “list” is by offering something of value.

Some simple guidelines for this is to offer:
– something that complements the nature of your business
– something your target audience (the type of person that you want business from) will find valuable or will help them
– something that a download of a pdf, instructions, a chapter of a book, an exclusive article, white paper, or special access to a training …

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Cheap and easy Video Content Marketing


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