Create a complete squarespace website – Best Programming & Tech service [Video]

Create a complete squarespace website – Best Programming & Tech service

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Create a complete squarespace website Special discount
Best cheap Programming & Tech Service
Are you tired of trying to set up your website because of all the nitty-gritty details that you have to learn? Well, be frustrated no longer! My name’s Vigasan and I’m here to help you with your perfect site.
As aSquarespace Expert,Authorized Squarespace Trainer, and aSquarespace Circle Member(Titles given to me by Squarespace itself), you can be sure that I know exactly what I’m doing to get your website launched on time, and with the specifications you require.
When your friends ask to see your website, don’t make excuses, proudly give them your URL and brace yourself for the compliments you’ll be receiving!
Why me?Well, I’ve been creating websites for just over 6 years now and I haveover 200 Squarespace sitesunder my belt! If you need expertise and professionalism, as well as someone who can communicate with you effectively and in an easy-to-understand fashion, I’m the one for you.
Extra-Information:Please contact me first so I can let you know if the project is feasible on Squarespace before we begin.
What makes you different from most others?,Squarespace comes easily for me, not only because of how much experience I’ve had with it, but also because this is what I did for my undergraduate degree in Computer Science.,Do you provide on-going maintenance?,Depending on how large or small the change is, the price for future changes vary (usually $5-$25) but I’ll always be here to help you maintain and update your website as required!,What if Im not satisfied with the delivery?,You may ask for further revisions, its part of my package! Note that I will need you to approve the delivery time extension.,I don’t have the content ready yet, should I still order?,I prefer if you make the order once you have content ready. If you’re in a hurry though, I can definitely use placeholder text until you get your text ready.nn

Keep in mind that if my gig is due before you get the content ready, I’ll have to request a time extension

,Do you find images?,If you have specific images you would like to use, feel free to send them over. Otherwise, I will use free (royalty free) stock images that fit the website.nnI can also use paid stock images with a watermark to show you how it’ll look, and you can purchase the image if you like it.,Can you create a logo for me?,If you’re short on time, I can help you get a logo done through Fiverr as well. Contact me first though so we can discuss pricing.,Do you write content?,It would be best if you have the content, but I can write content as well at an extra charge depending on your needs.,Does a one page scrolling website count as one page?,Unfortunately, because of the way Squarespace is set up, each section of the one page is a separate page. For example is a 6 page website even though it scrolls like one page.
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I’m going to show you how to embed Google my business profile on Squarespace. Do you manage business profile on Google? Do you have a Squarespace website? If you answered YES to both questions, this tutorial is for you!Ready to embed LinkedIn profile posts on Squarespace? Follow the simple steps below.1. Claim your free trial account here: Log in here: Click the “+ Create Solution” button.4. Select "Google My Business Profile" on the solution dropdown.5. Paste your Google my business profile URL6. Click the “NEXT” button. This will show you the customization options.7. Click the “Embed on website” button located on the upper right.8. Copy the JavaScript code on the pop-up.9. Go to your Squarespace dashboard. Edit your events page or create a new blank page.10. Add a “Code” block.11. Paste the copied code from SociableKIT into the code text area.12. Click the “Apply” button. Click the “Save” button.13. Refresh your page. Done! Great job!If you think this tutorial about how to embed Google my business profile on Squarespace website is helpful, please share it with your friends! Thank you and we appreciate your kind support!If you need help or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email me at or use our live chatbox on the lower right corner of this page. You may also use the chatbox located here