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Craft Coach Saves Time on Business Administration [Video]

Craft Coach Saves Time on Business Administration

Craft Coach Chaketa Renee shares that she was tired of spending her time on business administration tasks and wanted to invest in something that would save her time.

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She loves the all in one online course platform that Kajabi has to offer. She likes being able to manage her classes, students, and email marketing all in one place.

Chaketa also saw how she could expand her business with Kajabi by using our membership site platform. This brings in a predicable income stream. With recurring revenue, she has peace of mind.

Kajabi allowed Chaketa to scale a business, and it can do the same for you too. We make it easy to monetize your expertise or hobbies by giving you a digital storefront. Plus, we give you sales and marketing tools like email marketing and automated sales pipelines to strengthen your business.

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Course Creator Marketing

Want to use affiliate marketing with your online course to earn a little extra cash? This video will give you the details. If you found this video helpful, be sure to check out this video on how you can get affiliates to help you sell your online course. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn some extra money. You can promote different products inside your online course that are relevant to the course content itself.. This video will teach you how to get started with affiliate marketing for your online courses as well as go over how to find the right affiliate network for you. There are many different affiliate marketing companies out there that have many different items to choose from. There are also store affiliate programs like Target, Home Depot and most well know, Amazon. You can choose more than just one to be an affiliate for. Below is a list of the ones I use personally as well as some others I think would be a great fit depending on the type of online course you are creating. Links Mentioned In This Video: Get Affiliates To Sell Your Online Course For You Video Sign up for Tomoko's Course on Japan The Affiliate Programs I Use: Other Popular Affiliate Marketing: Popular Stores With Affiliate Programs: hashtags #AffiliateMarketing #OnlineCourses #OnlineCourseResource ------------------------------- ------------------------- Hi my name is Diana Wilson and welcome to my YouTube channel. I enjoy making videos to help you create and sell online courses. Each week I will give you tips and tutorials that will help you in the online course creation process. From online course platforms to marketing tips and tricks, I will help you launch your course. To get my weekly YouTube video delivered right to your email, along with some online course creation secret tips, hit the link below and sign up. ------------------------- ' MY LINKEDIN ------------------------- I am an online course consultant that enjoys sharing my knowledge of online course development. This includes everything from online course design up through the course launch. Helping others learn how to build a course and share their knowledge with others is very rewarding. MY BUSINESS EMAIL: MY WEBSITE: ------------------------- SOUND FX by using only CC0 (No Attribution Required) Graphics and Video may be included from CC0 (No Attribution Required) All music is provided by YouTube Audio Library CC0 (No Attribution Required) I regularly review or link to products and/or services I think you might find helpful. Some of these links are affiliate links. If you click on a link in the description and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or other compensation. This will come at no extra cost to you if you decide to purchase. This is one of the ways I support the cost of creating videos for you here on my YouTube channel.