COVID-19 Has Swelled Retailers First-Party Data, Next Up Joint-Party: Publicis Lanzi Beet.TV [Video]

The COVID-19 pandemic may be a nightmare for politicians, businesses, society and a great number of individuals.

But, for retailers that were facing challenges targeting customers, the crisis has been an opportunity to grow the data they hold on buyers.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amy Lanzi, EVP, Commerce Practice Lead, Publicis Groupe, explains how retailers are emerging from 2020 with richer data reserves and a better handle on targeting.

“COVID has given our retail partners much more power because they own the shopping ecosystem,” Lanzi says.

“So, throughout COVID, with the increase in e-commerce, they now have a much stronger handle on consumers. Therefore, they have a very strong handle on first-party data.”

Lanzi says such businesses had faced the same challenge as other advertisers – the deprecation of third-party tracking cookies and the diminution of mobile ad identifiers is pushing advertisers to invest in gathering their own …

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