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Council puts 100,000 towards unveiling Margaret Thatcher statue [Video]

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A council defended itself today after setting aside £100,000 to cover an event unveiling a statue of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher in her hometown.

The £300,000 10ft plinth of the Iron Lady will be situated on St Peter's Hill Green in Grantham, Lincolnshire, after being funded by the Public Memorials Appeal charity.

South Kesteven District Council has put £100,000 towards the unveiling event, in a bid to promote 'inspirational women' of the area, including the first woman police officer Edith Smith and the Duke of Wellington's advisor Harriet Arbuthnot.

But revelations over the cost have caused a backlash online, with some branding it a 'waste of taxpayers' money' and saying the cash should go to the local hospital.

However, the council have now responded and said they expect public and business fundraising will meet the full costs, but they had to allocate funds for the event.

The statue is …

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