Content Promotion For eCommerce – Module 2 – Part 3 – eCommerce Unlocked – Videos

Today, we’re going to be breaking down content promotion. Just in the last lesson, I ended up breaking down how to create content. And now that you’ve created content, it’s time to promote it so that way you can get some traffic and of course generate those sales.

NerdWallet –
Ubersuggest –
ManyChat –
Hello Bar –

Whether it’s blog posts, product pages, category pages, and now it’s time to promote them so you can get traffic.

And I want to start off with sidebar links. I do think on the Neil Patel website. Lot of other blogs have started doing it as well like NerdWallet. Whenever you have amazing content, link to them in your sidebar, include rick anchor text when it makes sense and its relevant. And what you’ll find is within six months or a year, those pages really dominate Google.

I also want you to be leveraging social …

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