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– Content Marketing World Want to Speak at CMWorld? Heres How. [Video]

In order to offer attendees an invaluable experience, the Content Marketing Institute brings the industry’s top experts to our conferences. We search for a diverse group of speakers and leading brand practitioners to address all aspects of content marketing. Do you think you got what it takes? Great, we want to hear from you! On this Ask the CMI Team, Speaker Engagement Manager Andrea Larick gives host Amanda Subler the secret to success.

Key takeaways from the interview

  • The more original your presentation is the better.
  • Think video, then timeliness.
  • Don’t worry. No sock puppets needed.

Amanda Subler: Today, we are talking about speaking. I don’t know about you but I have a fear of public speaking. This is easy because I can’t see any of you. I can just see my front lawn and my computer screen.

But if you are interested in speaking or a speaker yourself, at CMI we run two events. Our …

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Social Media Marketing

How Airrack Turned $20,000 in Debt into 1M YouTube Subscribers [Video]

@airrack has a fascinating story so last week I invited him over, we ordered some tacos and rosé, and hopped in the jacuzzi to shoot the shit about his YouTube growth, businesses and life story.🔔 Subscribe to the channel for more videos to help you on your entrepreneurship journey:🦊 Get weekly marketing tips from me straight to your inbox:👪 Join my Facebook Community to discuss entrepreneurship with others:📈 Find the BEST software tools to run your business: