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– Content Marketing World 15 Marketing Newsletters that Inspire and Educate Content Marketing World [Video]

From your boss, clients, family, and friends, emails take up a good chunk of my day. I strive for Inbox Zero, but sometimes that’s not possible. I could spend countless hours tackling emails, or I can manage them more effectively.

I chose the latter and created three loose rules. One, I immediately reply to CMI VP of Marketing Cathy McPhillips. Two, I attend to emails ranked by the urgency of a response. Last, I always read Morning Brew, Adweek’s First Things First, and Front Office Sports. I’m subscribed to several newsletters, many of which sit unread. But my day is not complete without reading these publications.

It seems I’m not alone. Members of our CMWorld Slack group recommended their must-subscribe marketing newsletters. Do you need another subscription sent to your inbox? Our community says “yes!” This list includes industry-related emails you won’t want to delete.

The newsletters are listed in no particular order. …

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