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Content Marketing Media: Definitions and Social Strategy Tips

Whether it’s news media or social media, citizens worldwide definitely have less-than-positive beliefs about the media in general. Only 29% of people around the world believe that the news covers topics that are relevant to them, and around 40% believe the media is more negative than it needs to be. 

As far as social media, users experience a range of emotions when they log on to these channels. When Pew Research Center surveyed social media users about how they feel, they got a wide spectrum of responses. In order of popularity, these were: amused, angry, inspired, connected, depressed, and lonely. 

As a marketer, when someone describes your content marketing, you probably want to hear some of those words, but certainly not all of them. Emotions like anger, depression, and loneliness are the opposite of what most brands want to be putting out in the world. So how can a marketer enter into this complicated environment with confidence, and …

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