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Content Marketing for Real Estate Investors with Josh Culler [Video]

When someone brings up the subject of content marketing for real estate investors, folks generally fall into one of two groups; those that are currently creating content to build their business and their brand and those that say, “what the heck is content marketing”

Why Should Real Estate Investors Care About Content Marketing?

Real estate investors should care about content marketing because when done correctly, it makes all your marketing work better.  To put it another way, every dollar you spend on marketing yields greater results because of it. The bottom line is if you aren’t actively creating content today you’re getting left behind.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s no longer optional for your business.

Understand that you don’t need a blog or a podcast.  Today you’ll discover how you can easily create content that works to create visibility, brand awareness, and credibility that will ultimately get you more deals andbetter deals. After all, that’s what we want, …

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