Consumer Spotlight: Quarterly Reflections [Video]

Consumer Spotlight: Quarterly Reflections

Consumer-facing industries need to completely rebuild themselves in 2021. The pressure of COVID-19 has increased e-commerce, the demand for home delivery, and has put a big question mark over physical stores as we know them.
Join Infosys experts as they talk about:
• New rules of engagement as e-commerce accelerates
• How CPG will change post-pandemic – what will persist and what will change?
• How firms can build collaborative supply chains to keep up with the rapidly changing environment?

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Complete WooCommerce Tutorial | Create eCommerce Website on WordPress in Urdu/Hindi 2021 [Video]

In this tutorial, I will show you from start to finish how to create an eCommerce website using Wordpress and WooCommerce. This tutorial is for people that want to create a webshop from scratch and for people that already have a Wordpress website and want to extend it with a webshop.How to Create Header and Footer using Elementor?How to Create and Edit Menus in WordPress?How to change Logo on WordPress Website?#wordpress #wooommerce #ecommerce #onlinestore