Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules 2020 [Video]

Brief of the Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020:

Important Highlights

  1. The Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020 shall apply to allmerchandise and enterprises purchased or sold over computerized orelectronic system including advanced items, all models of web-basedbusiness, including commercial centre and stock models of web-basedbusiness; all web-based business retail, including multi-channelsingle-brand retailers and single-brand retailers in single or differentorganizations; and all types of out of line exchange, rehearses overallmodels of web-based business. 
  2. In any case, these principles will not make a difference to any actionof a characteristic individual completed in an individual limit not being apiece of any expert or business action embraced on an ordinary or orderlypremise. 
  3. An online business element has been characterized to mean any individual who possesses, works or oversees advanced or electronic office or a stage for electronic trade, however, exclude a dealer offering his products or administrations available to be purchased on a commercial centre …

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