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Compress Image WordPress in 4 Ways – How to Resize Image WordPress – How to Convert JPG to WebP [Video]

Compress Image WordPress in 4 Ways – How to Resize Image WordPress – How to Convert JPG to WebP

If you want a fast-loading website, the first step is to make the images small in size. With a compressed image WordPress website loads faster, because images load faster. Usually, texts and other elements, don’t really take too much space. To resize images WordPress has different ways. We showed four ways to do it right.

We cover, four different approaches. The first and third one is for when you don’t want to upload any large-size file on your website. The second method is for when you already uploaded a large file and want to compress it to reduce the size.

We also covered, how to convert jpg to WebP, which also covers how to convert png to WebP. This is a more preferred format. Because, with this single format, you can put an alpha transparent image, or an animated image, or just an image, but with reduced size. In the recent WordPress 5.8 update, WordPress webp images support natively. In the previous versions to upload webp WordPress plugin has been needed.

When it comes to, how to compress images in WordPress. Automatically finger points to WordPress image resize plugin. We covered the Ewww image optimizer WordPress plugin.

In WordPress image size is a vital issue. Use images wisely, to make an impact on your visitors. And use image size wisely to make your website loads fast. Which will impact your business.

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