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Complete Guide to The Google Ads Search Terms Report [Video]

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One of the main reports that can be helpful for your Google Ads search campaigns is the Search Terms Report. You can utilize this report to see the actual search queries that are triggering your advertisements.

You can watch the video below to learn more about using the Search Terms Report in Google Ads, or watch it directly on YouTube. In addition, the corresponding article below will give you more insights.

Google Ads Search Terms Report


What is the Search Terms Report?

The search terms report will show the search queries that people are typing into Google to trigger your Google search ads. You can see the full terms that people type in and the targeted keywords that matched each search term. In addition, you can see statistics for each term over a certain period of time.

Where is the Search Terms Report?

1. Open your Google Ads account and click on a search campaign.
2. Click on the ‘Keywords’ tab …

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