Coles shopper finds a VERY surprising message on her docket [Video]

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A online Coles shoppers has proven that you should always check your receipts.

The Melbourne woman found a touching hand-written message on her docket when she received her groceries from a delivery worker.

She said the note was in response to a sign she had left for the driver. 

'When I am expecting a delivery… I always write a sign to say thank you and just a few words wishing them good health etc so they know they are appreciated,' the shopper posted to Facebook.

'Well, it was my turn today. Got a lovely note written on the bottom of my invoice.

'It really has lifted my spirits more than I can say.'

The delivery driver named Mal took the time to thank her for the friendly greeting.      

'Thanks for the kind words,' he wrote.

'Stay safe and well. Mal, Coles driver.'

According to a Coles spokesman, it's the second time in two weeks a delivery worker has passed …

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