Co-Discovery Session | Digital Main Street [Video]

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Customized to your project, our co-discovery sessions bring together a cross section of your team and our experts to evaluate, understand, map, visualize, and plan your potential digital experience.

Co-Discovery Sessions are ideal to:

  • Understand, map, visualize and plan your technology idea. 
  • Explore and outline new lines of business.
  • Leverage insight to improve experiences.
  • Build prototypes to explore opportunities. 

Co-Discovery Sessions Include Observing Human Experience, Analyzing Challenges & Opportunities, Envisioning Future Possibilities

During a co-discovery session, we collaborate with a cross-section of your team to align needs and expectations, outline and test assumptions, and map out processes.

All aspects of our team are involved in discovery including leadership, designers, software. engineers, business analysts and data scientists.

This process is customized to you and your needs. Activities may include:

  • Brand Consultation
  • Business Direction
  • Stop / Start / Continue
  • Data Analysis
  • Proto Personas
  • Journey Map
  • Mood Boards
  • Feature “Hypothesis” Chart
  • Platform Mindmap
  • Technological Assessment

You may leave with proto-personas, flow diagrams, a detailed project plan, technology assessment and/or a roadmap for the …

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