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Clubhouse Exposure: Get Invited to Speak on More Stages [Video]

Clubhouse Exposure: Get Invited to Speak on More Stages

Want to speak on more Clubhouse stages? Wondering what to do once you’re invited to speak?

Learn what you need to know about speaking on Clubhouse, with advice from Clubhouse expert TerDawn DeBoe.

Discover how to identify rooms that play to your professional strengths, and get helpful tips on what to do after you enter a room but before you raise your hand to get on stage.

You’ll also find out how to maximize your time on stage.

Finally, you’ll discover some key Clubhouse behaviors that will yield more opportunities to appear on Clubhouse stages.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Selecting the Right Room
01:05 Reading the Room
02:00 What to Do On Stage
02:49 Tips for Being Invited on Stage
03:19 Common Clubhouse Mistakes

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