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Clean Room Tech Powering TelevisaUnivisions First Hispanic Graph Agency Integration Beet.TV [Video]

LAS VEGAS — If advertisers are better able to target Hispanic audiences, new “clean room” software could have something to do with it.

TelevisaUnivision launched a Hispanic household identity graph at its 2022 upfronts pitch.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Lin, SVP, Product Management & Advanced Advertising, TelevisaUnivision, says the new category of clean room tech is helping power an integration between its own ID and Omni ID, Omnicom Media Group’s ID.

The Omnicom-TelevisaUnivision partnership was announced in November 2022. Essentially, Omnicom is the first agency to use the Hispanic household data graph unveiled last year.

Lin says it involves a link-up with a vendor of “clean room” software: “We’ve connected through the Snowflake environment.

“They’ve licenced our Hispanic household graph where there’s an always-on connection for them to be able to match, plan and activate against the TelevisaUnivision content.”

More could be coming. “We’re in active conversations with almost every one of the hol-cos (holding companies),” Lin says.”

Clean …

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Most ANNOYING Glasses Issue... [Video]

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Downside of AI content for SEO [Video]

The downside of AI SEO and continuing the fall of SEO as we know it. My takeaways - AI content taking over Google SEO...we've seen ways how to make it rank and bypass AI detectors - And if this is lucrative, you know other companies are doing or going to be doing the same thing until something changes - And it doesnt look like google is necessarily going to be cracking down on AI content What does that mean? - Trust is key - DO we trust AI content? Are the articles any good? Are they accurate? Do they help? Was the content useful? - If they are, Do we care if it's AI? Is this what SEO is becoming? Pump out as much content via AI to rank and make as much money as possible Also clear that AI is taking over journalists and writers Content is King? What if the King is AI? Unfortunately, as long as it makes money this is only the beginning as companies are going to be pumping content And that's why how understand practice SEO today is dying