CES 2021: This Amazon Alexa-integrated Healthcare Tracker Detects Physiological Abnormalities in Less Than 60 Seconds [Video]

ICON.AI debuts its 2-in-1 smart health care device that aims to detect physiological abnormalities with its functions, along with Amazon Alexa's integration with its screen and speaker set up to assist patients and users. The health tracker can effectively determine different body statuses such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc. in under 60 seconds, upon touching the device.

(Photo : ICON.AI via YouTube Screenshot)

The South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) company, ICON.AI, has debuted its cutting-edge healthcare smart device that would be beneficial for people who constantly monitor their status to prevent unknown attacks. The company is known to partner with Amazon as an approved System Integrator for the company's Alexa voice assistant.

Prevention is better than cure, however, as a "layman" who has no medical background or expertise, some ailments or illnesses may come undetected, surprising the victim of unexpected health hazards or attacks. The company has centered on the integration of Amazon's virtual assistant and learning AI, Alexa, for the …

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