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Hash – Social Media Marketing Tips [Video]

That was back in 2016. My INSTAGRAM PAGE had 55 followers! I spent more money on ads than I made from them. Of course, I tried to fix them:
I changed the ad settings and…That Didn’t Work!
I changed the ad targeting and…That Didn’t Work!
I made some design tweaks on my Instagram page, posted three posts EVERY DAY and… That Didn’t Work!
“What’s wrong? What’s the problem?” I asked myself.
Then, I found my SAVIORS
I found a few competitors’ Instagram pages that were doing amazingly well. They were able to grow followers with ease.
They didn’t have a nicer design, higher quality content or better-targeted ads.
The ONLY difference was in the HASHTAGS!
Then, I realized that…
…the REAL PROBLEM of no-converting Instagram profile is