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Can You Afford to Hire Employees? (work session) [Video]

Can You Afford to Hire Employees? (work session)

Thinking of hiring your first employee for your small business? Here’s the math I do to calculate how much I can afford to pay in salaries. These are not my real numbers, but I use the same process outlined in this whiteboarding work session.

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Small Business Marketing

The Power of Digital For Small Businesses [Video]

Nicole Walters, CEO & Founder of Inherit Learning Company, chats with Jonathan Morris, Founder of Fort Worth Barber Shop, about the importance of having a digital footprint.

Small Business Marketing

What Is The AIDA Sales Method? (Free Cold Email Template) [Video]

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. AIDA Sales MethodWant to learn how to grow or start your company and earn 10X more? Hop on in at ➡️​​ ⬅️Grab the Cold Email Optimization Checklist for free here: ➡️​​ ⬅️Grab the Free Cold Email Template Discussed in the video here: ➡️​ ⬅️Subscribe to CrazyMoney: ever see that movie Glengarry Glen Ross? If not, I highly recommend watching Alec Baldwin's famous speech where he goes over AIDA and he goes over ABC, always be closing. Now, in today's video, I want to talk about what does that actually mean, what is attention, interest, desire, action when it comes to sales and what can we learn from this acronym. Let's get into it.Also, I use this framework to craft a fool-proof cold email template for you guys to use.0:00​ What exactly is AIDA?1:47​ How does AIDA work for us?3:33​ The origins of the AIDA framework4:33​ How to use the AIDA framework in Cold Email?--/// R E S O U R C E SSTART OR GROW YOUR BUSINESS:​​Have us grow your business:​​Make your own Chatbot with Botfuse at:​ FREE DOWNLOADS:​​__#Sales​ #AIDA​ #Email10k​​/// MORE FROM ALEXSubscribe for more content like this:

Small Business Marketing

Meet Charles and Kasara, owners of Taste of Rondo Bar & Grill, who will be featured on Season 6 of Small Business Revolution! Taste of Rondo is located in one of the few original buildings left in the Rondo community after the construction of the interstate I-94. When it comes to authentic soul food, there is no better choice than Taste of Rondo in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. #SmallBusinessRevolution #Deluxe Subscribe to get the latest! Join the Small Business Revolution! Visit Here to Learn More: Like SBR: Follow SBR: SBR Vimeo: SBR Instagram: For Season 6, well be bringing the Small Business Revolution home to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, celebrating and sharing the stories of Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in some of the most important neighborhoods in our community. The new seasonco-hosted by former NBA All-Star and entrepreneur, Baron Davis will celebrate the impact strong small businesses have in our local communities.