5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Can Content Marketing Really Grow Your Bottom Line? [Video]

Video Content Marketing

Can Content Marketing Really Grow Your Bottom Line?

In this video, I share how content marketing impacts your bottom line (and why it’s essential to a revenue and profit growth strategy).

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Why brand equity is all that matters
2:07 – How to build it the RIGHT way
4:01 – How this helped ME profit
5:17 – Your goal is to compound this
6:34 – Once you start, NEVER stop

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The person putting themselves out there with relevant, valuable posts every day will beat the person who refuses to invest the time.

Goal of social media is to build equity.

You need to post for brand equity over followers.

Brand equity = perception that people have with a brand that influences their purchasing decision

If you’re selling a service, product, course, what you’re doing with a content is maximizing brand equity.

Every thread, carousel, tweet, video builds it up even more.

You’ve built it up enough when there’s a steady flow of DM’s, leads, and calls coming from your account.

Look at Alex Hormozi – posts content for 18+ months, just gives value, no sales ask. First time he sells direct to his audience, he prints $4M on ONE webinar.

It doesn’t matter if competitors post too – you’re trying to build YOUR brand equity.

To illustrate, picture a water bucket being filled up.

Hose = content
Water = leads/calls/sales
Bucket = your brand equity

This tips in your favor when the bucket OVERFLOWS with value, goodwill, trust, competence.

THAT is when you get all the leads/calls/sales you ever wanted.

More content → more brand equity → more leads/calls/sales

Better content → 2x more brand equity → 4x more leads/calls/sales

This isn’t just theory – I did this myself.

– No content
– Sent 800+ DM’s
– 3 sales calls
– $0 revenue

– Twitter + LinkedIn content
– Sent some DMs
– 30+ sales calls
– $30k+ revenue

You need this to compound, forever

You start posting content. You keep doing it long enough, you’ll see the impact on your business:

When an ideal client sees your content, and they follow you (INSTANT increase in interest)

When a sales call gets booked on your calendar, and they follow you (INSTANT increase in close rate)

When a customer buys from you, and they follow you (INSTANT increase in retention/buying again)

Every important metric goes up as brand equity begins to liquidate.

As for your top line revenue, do you think it…

Increases? Decreases? How about the bottom line?

This cannot be quantified at $XXX, only felt positively across your sales pipeline.

Once you start, keep posting content

Post 30 Twitter threads – and do it again.
Post 90 LinkedIn posts – and do it again.
Post 10 YouTube videos – and do it again.

Every post fills up your “brand equity bucket” like rainwater in a pale.

You want it OVERFLOWING with goodwill from the people who follow you.

More posts = more equity = more leads/calls = more revenue

This is exactly how you grow a healthy business that spits off cash flow every month.

Once it starts, don’t let your goldmine go dry.

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