Businesses ask for ‘shop local strategy’ from city [Video]

EDMONTON –Edmonton entrepreneurs are asking the city for help by way a strategy that encourages residents to shop local.  

Cherie Klassen made the case to city council on Monday for an “Edmonton Amazon.”

The chair of the Business Improvement Areas council and executive director of the Old Strathcona Business Association said online shopping is expected to increase over future weeks, and an ecommerce directory would help businesses market their products.

A “shop local strategy” is one of four ways local employers could use the city’s help, Klassen said.

She told councillors that businesses also need more business-friendly policies, like faster approvals of permits; good neighbour agreements to improve a community’s cleanliness and security; and a renewal of infrastructure maintenance policy.

“We need a better, more impactful and tactful strategy on addressing basic maintenance and refurbishment as the current complaint-driven model isn't working,” Klassen said.

“Basic standards and service level …

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