Budweiser wants to stop you shopping on Amazon while drunk [Video]


The King of online shopping beers? Perhaps not.

Screenshot by ZDNet

I've been struggling lately.

How can I do my Holiday shopping online without making putrid decisions that'll make the recipients feel like I don't like them?

How can I possibly give all my money to Jeff Bezos when he already has far too much and spends it on some very questionable things? (Rockets? You've seen one, you've seen them all.)

How can I not be tempted to begin my online Holiday shopping after dinner, which may have involved a glass or two of highly happy-making Pinot Noir that was made not too far from my house by Brad Kitson, who spent far too much of his life in Silicon Valley?

With miraculous timing, Budweiser has stepped in to offer a helping hand.

The beer maker is clearly aware that many people shop online late at night, when they've enjoyed one too many tipples. (At least I hope it's at night.)

In a fit …

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