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Brochure Design: Questionnaire Web Design [Video]

Brochure Design: Questionnaire Web Design

Brochure Design: Questionnaire Web Design
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Created: Mar 02, 2015
Compatible with: Adobe InDesign
File Size: 19.37 MB
DPI: 300

Questionnaire for Web Design
Save money and buy this template in the Big Bundle: http://crtv.mk/z0cq
The easiest way to brief your clients!
Professional, clean and modern Questionnaire for Web Design. Just drop in your own images and texts, and its ready for print. Or use it as a professional online PDF or email attachment.
Everything you see is fully editable in a well organized and layererd Indesign and Word files.

LIVE PREVIEW: http://issuu.com/imagearea/docs/questionnaire-web-design


12 page template
InDesign and Word files
Standardized questions included (except About us and Team)
Tables to type in directly in Word
Easy to create an online PDF form (links to tutorials included)
Free fonts included


2 InDesign CS5 .indd files (DIN A4 and US letter)
2 InDesign CS4 .idml files (DIN A4 and US letter)
2 InDesign CS3 .inx files (DIN A4 and US letter)
2 Preview PDF
1 Word .docx file (Format DIN A4)
1 Word .doc file (Format DIN A4)
1 Helpfile (pdf)

IMPORTANT: This files are only editable in InDesign CS4 or higher! Images are NOT included. Used for preview purpose only.

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