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Brave Browser Review 2020: Should you make the switch? [Video]

Brave Browser Review 2020: Should you make the switch?

Do you worry about your privacy when browsing online? Check out my Brave Browser review to discover how to protect your privacy when browsing.

Has Your Email been Included in Security Breaches?

0:00 Introduction
1:46 Reasons 1,2,3 Why the Brave Browser
5:12 Why the Brave Browser Reason #4
6:16 Demo
7:28 Extensions
9:39 Using Browser Password Managers
11:17 Additional Features
11:39 Private Browsing
13:40 Preferences
14:19 New Tabs
15:10 Brave Rewards
18:47 Disclaimer

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Small Business Marketing

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Small Business Marketing

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Small Business Marketing

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Small Business Marketing

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