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How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
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Brand Building [Video]

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Brand Building

Brand Story Telling refers to the act that uses an emotional narrative to develop a connection between the brand and the customer.

Brand Story Telling puts the onus on creating empathy and emotional significance with the target audience. It aligns what the brand stands for with the values it shares with its customers.

Brand Story Telling Importance

1. Allows consumers to get personal with the brand values and personality
2. Promote the authenticity of a company to build trust and viable bonding
3. Giving the customer a reason to buy the product

Brand Story Telling Elements

1. Creating a storyline

A captivating storyline helps to set the stage where the consumer can know about the values and history of a brand and why it is so unique.

2. Showing how the product can improve the consumer’s life

Showcasing a change that needs to be an improvement so that the brand can be considered different in a good way from rival brands and how it can improve the consumer’s life.

3. Establishing an emotional connection

Creating a successful brand narrative that will make a positive impact on the customer’s emotions.

4. Using data to support the narrative

It makes the narrative trustworthy as it will show how the company has grown over the years.

5. Making it resonate

So that the narrative becomes memorable and stays in the consumer’s mind for a very long time.

6. Leveraging social media

Taking help of various social media platforms to send out the desired message.


1. Airbnb “Until We All Belong”
2. Apple at Work – The Underdogs
3. Apple at Work-The Underdogs (Work from Home)
4. Nike ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ Campaign

The Timeless Essence of Celebrity Branding
Celebrity branding is a specific form of advertising movement or marketing strategy.
In celebrity branding, the renown or social standing of a celebrity is utilized to sell goods, companies, and services.
It may also be used to raise public awareness about an issue.
Promoting products via well-known and revered celebrities is a popular approach.
This kind of endorsement has been used for quite some time in marketing campaigns.
The goal of these techniques is straightforward.
The famous personality can draw attention to the brand based on the knowledge the firm has about them.
This also aids in the development of people’s perceptions of the business.
There’s always a chance that fans of the celebrity will change their loyalty to another company’s products or services.

Pre-requisites before selecting a ‘Celebrity’
To increase awareness, image, and reaction to the brand, the celebrity must be well-known.
It’s critical that the selected celebrity endorser is well-known.
They should also have a strong set of potentially useful associations, sentiments, and emotions.
In terms of expertise, trustworthiness, and likeability or charm, the celebrity must be credible.
They should also have distinct associations that incorporate probable product relevance.

Famous Celebrity Brand Ambassadors
Example 1: Cristiano Ronaldo & Nike – $1 bn
Ronaldo is typically deemed to be the highest-paid athlete in the world.
In 2003, he signed with Nike for the first time.
He also signed a lifetime deal in 2016 which was valued at $1 billion.
Example 2: Sofia Vergara & Many Companies – $94.5 mn
In 2017, Forbes, not for the first time, named “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara as the highest-paid actress on television.
This was because she has a wide range of profitable endorsement deals. Since 2011, Sofia Vergara has earned $157.5 million.
$94.5 million (60% of the total) was earned from pitch deals with brands like Quaker Oats, CoverGirl, Head & Shoulders and Pepsi.

This video is on Brand Building and it has the following sub-topics.

Time Stamps

0:22- The Four Steps of Brand Building
8:48 – Brand- Storytelling
14:21- Celebrity Branding
21:34 – Brand Advocates
27:56 – Brand Experience
33:23 – Corporate Identity
39:50 – Corporate Branding
44:43 – Emotional Branding
51:15- Luxury Branding
58:43 – Branding Challenges
1:06:06 – The “Ten Commandments of Global Branding”
1:15:50 – Positioning and Branding for Small Businesses
1:21:09 – Rebranding

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