‘Boost Your Super’ is an online tool topping up your superannuation every time you shop. Here’s how it works. [Video]

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Online shopping can now help to top your super up. (Jan Woita, picture alliance via Getty Images)

  • Online platform ‘Boost Your Super’ makes super contributions on behalf of its users every time they shop.
  • Working like a cashback rewards program, the tool puts the money back into a nominated super account.
  • It has partnered with online marketplaces from eBay to The Iconic, as well as retailers like Dan Murphys.
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Four in five Australians are shopping online, but very few would guess they could top up their super in the process.

However, as Australians raid their retirement savings and many leave themselves with nothing, it’s an idea whose idea may have come in the form of online platform ‘Boost Your Super’.

“There’s no catch, you pay exactly the same amount you would when buying items without [it],” founder Ngoya Pepela said.

“In fact, sometimes you actually pay less because we also notify members …

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