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Book Club Discussion 500 Social Media Tips Aviation Business Consultants [Video]

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Mickey Gamonal, Paula Williams, John Williams, Trish Machiri and Debbie Murphy discuss our favorite social media tips.

Transcript – 500 Social Media Tips

Mickey Gamonal:

My name’s Mickey Gamonal, I am the founder of Gamonal Tutors. I help people join the United States Military at the highest possible level by crushing their ASVAB entry exam, so that they can pick a job such as engineering, or scientist, or cryptographer. I want to set you guys up so that you can pick the best job for yourself, so if that’s something you’re interested in, look me up, Gamonal Tutors.

Paula Williams:

I’m Paula Williams with ABCI, and we help aviation companies sell more of their products and services, by providing marketing services and sales training.

John Williams:

I’m John Williams, and I work for her. I do the backend stuff for ABCI, so what she said.

Trish Machiri:

I wish my husband would do that for me. I’m …

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