Bikes and smart grids: How UPS manages urban delivery (with video) [Video]

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Global logistics giant UPS NYSE: UPS) manages urban logistics by making legacy transportation systems more efficient and investing in innovative, low-impact vehicle and delivery technologies.

That was the takeaway from a FreightWaves LIVE @HOME fireside chat featuring Peter Harris, international sustainability director for UPS.

“We’re trying to develop a tool kit of innovations and then as we go around the world we try to select the best solutions,” Harris said.

Setting the stage for the conversation, Harris noted that the world is urbanizing, with more than half the people on the planet living in cities. Fueled by the pandemic, e-commerce purchases are surging.

In that context, urban logistics, the collecting and delivery of items we need and want to live, has become “essential for successful urban economies,” Harris said.

UPS itself carries about 3% of global GDP on a daily basis, according to Harris.

That kind of volume brings with it an array of economic and environmental challenges that need to be …

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