Big data helps Ryder keep lanes moving (with video) [Video]

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While the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza nears, transportation professionals say freight volumes already have been spiking for months.

“We’re in a new day. This is unlike any other tight market,” said Dave Belter, vice president and general manager of transportation management at Ryder System Inc.

Belter joined FreightWaves President George Abernathy Friday as part of FreightWaves LIVE @HOME to discuss an “Inside Look: The Freight Market During the Upcoming Holiday Season.”

Belter added that the explosion in e-commerce shopping since the coronavirus pandemic began has changed some of the flows and volumes in unexpected ways.

“We certainly weren’t planning on this in early 2020. I’m not sure if anyone had a good sense of what the second half of 2020 was going to look like coming out of the pandemic,” Belter said. “We’re really living this in real time and making adjustments kind of on the fly, quite honestly. As we talk to our carrier …

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