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Biden won the US election but the country is still extremely divided. Here’s how marketing made that happen [Video]

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Messaging and marketing have a key role to play in the divided political situation in America. In this episode, we explore how Trump uses messaging to spread polarizing opinions, and how news and social media entities are the channels through which these tensions play out. Tune in for all this as well as to learn the importance of being aware of biases in the media we consume.


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  • [00:38] Why America is still very divided based on vote counts.
  • [01:44] BLM vs MAGA and how Trump’s great messaging won him the last elections.
  • [02:49] COVID and examples of Trump’s messaging that polarizes people.
  • [03:55] Competing messages between media organizations and Trump.
  • [04:17] How powerful social media is for spreading polarizing messaging.
  • [05:05] Curating the information we receive and being aware of its influence.

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