Beware of online schemers! BBB offers tips for holiday shoppers [Video]

Online shopping is on the rise this year as many people choose not to venture out to local stores.

SAN ANTONIO — Many people are choosing to lean away from in-person shopping this holiday season, instead opting to do all their shopping online.

Experts say online sales could hit $10 billion this Black Friday, and reach nearly $190 billion over the course of the holiday season.

“It’s turned (into) cyber-November,” said Jason Meza, regional director for the the Better Business Bureau. “There is a 28% shopping increase online (compared to) last year.”

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues across the world, people are turning to online shopping. Hiding in the cyber-shadows is a new cohort of schemers looking to steal Christmas from unknowing consumers.

“People start online, and that’s good. They do the research. They compare prices online. That’s the best scenario,” Meza said. “But where they end up is the problem. …

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