Best online Christmas gifts for tricky-to-buy-for teenagers [Video]

Now that we’re in lockdown, there’s not much else to do but focus on Christmas – and online shopping.

But one gifting demographic is particularly tough.

From 13-year-old gamers to 17-year-old fashionistas, there is one thing teenagers all have in common: shopping for them is a total minefield.

Difficult to please, inscrutable and prone to shifting opinions, it can induce a huge dose of holiday stress.

To help out, here’s a list of must-have gifts to help you navigate Christmas for your teen.

Gamer Headset

The headset designed with hardcore gamers in mind, the SXFI gamer has won lots of awards for its immersive listening experience.

The clever technology removes the insular effect of other headphones by bringing the source of the sound outside, making it sound more natural and as if it is from the real world. The hyper-realistic audio is something your gamer teen (or tween) will love.

SXFI Gamer Headset, £114.99, Creative

Airpods Case

If she has airpods, this is …

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