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Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend Vanessa Sierra is a ‘publicity genius’ [Video]

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Bernard Tomic’s influencer girlfriend is allegedly receiving death threats for a video she posted online, but is it all part of a genius marketing ploy?

With a successful career as an Instagram influencer and a stint on Love Island Australia under her belt, Vanessa Sierra is no stranger to the spotlight.

The 26-year-old from Sydney has also built up an impressive following on adult image-sharing platform, OnlyFans, where top creators can earn between $13,000 and $643,000 a month.

But despite her savvy ability to monetise her image, you might be forgiven for not knowing who she was before this week.

Sierra, who has been dating Tomic since November, left fans furious after documenting their stay at hotel quarantine and joking about never washing her hair.

The comment in question referred to the fact she had “never” washed her own hair, an inconvenience she joked as being “the worst part of quarantine”.

“I don’t …

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