Behind the Scenes: The tools I use to operate my business [Video]

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If you run an online business (like me) you know that you need loads of different tools to manage your website, online sales, email marketing etc. Getting all these tools to work together seamlessly can be a bit of a challenge.

On the following Zoom call, I shared a behind the scenes look at the tools I use to run my business. I show you how I've set up my website, eCommerce system, email marketing, sales CRM, client booking system and how they all work together like a well-oiled machine! You can view the Miro board from the video here.

WordPress (free) & Hosting ($24/mo)

  • My Website is built on WordPress (hosting on CloudWays).
  • I use all the normal features like Pages and Posts to create the site and the content.
  • I use OptimizePress for some of the nicely designed product pages.
  • Backed up using Vaultpress (my host also keeps backups but it’s good to have multiple).

eCommerce ($299/yr)

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