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Be More Recognized In Google By Being Active On Twitter, Flickr, Quora [Video]

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by protocol 80, on February 18, 2011 // 5:58 AM

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We have long been supporters of small businesses being active on twitter and the other social networks as a way to learn and share the great content that they develop. While Google's newest Social Search isn't completely new, they have made some changes that make being involved with social media and growing your followers very important.

Google Social Search – The Beginning

As I just mentioned, Google's Social Search ins't new by any means. Back in 2009 they started showing socially relevant results in the standard google search results based on your connections in Gmail Chat, Google Reader, Twitter, Friendfeed and any other social networks you had added to your google profile. Here's a great video that explains how the initial release worked:

Note, the Social Search listings only showed at the bottom of search results.

What's New With Google Social Search?

One of the key new …

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