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Be like Plusnet and ‘do a Ritson’ Marketing Week [Video]

Your average commercial airline pilot is 45. That means most of them grew up acutely aware of the great, now late, Chuck Yeager who passed this week, aged 97.

Yeager was a mountain of a man. His most famous moment was breaking the sound barrier. But that was merely one of his achievements. And what makes Yeager all the more special is that he did it all with the casual demeanour of someone who never lost their cool or perspective. He constantly downplayed his amazing life and when questioned, in that very American way about his special God-given talents, he would pour an almost immediate bucket of cold West Virginian water all over them.

Look at this profile photograph. I mean just look at it. Gaze into those eyes. It’s hypnotic. Do you sense what I sense? The total and unmitigated absence of BS. It’s like the negative of every …

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