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BBD Bonuses 2021 – 11 Insane Business By Design Bonuses 2021! [Video]

BBD Bonuses 2021 – 11 Insane Business By Design Bonuses 2021!

Grab you insane Business By Design bonus package now:

Bonus 1: [RECORDING] 2-Day Messaging In A Funnel Workshop
This workshop will focus on the hidden elements of messaging that will create a subconscious demand within your funnel. I also break down the phases of messaging in your launch and how to create an aligned and consistent messaging ecosystem. You’ll know the right place, time, and words to say that leave people WANTING what you’re going to sell before they know anything is for sale.

Bonus 2: LIVE 2-Day Mastermind In Q1 2022
I am dedicating two days to YOU and bringing THE top experts to transform your business, messaging, ads, personal development, and sales. These two days will be dedicated to YOU and we will be focusing more on transformation and action-taking and less about giving you more information. Our intention is the have this event be in person. If we can not have it live, we will host an epic virtual mastermind for you!

Bonus 3: LIVE MENTORSHIP GROUP CALL #1: Thought Reversal Scripting Workshop with Brandon
Most entrepreneurs create content that causes them to blend in and if anyone DOES see their content they can’t convert them into sales. This live group call will break down the entire process you need to create the most engaging and demand-creating content for your business.

Bonus 4: LIVE MENTORSHIP GROUP CALL #2: Top Performing Paid Traffic Creatives & Copy You Can Create At Home
You don’t need to spend a lot of money on ads in order for them to convert and grow your business. In fact, our best performing ads were filmed on our phone and we have run hundreds of ads between us and our clients. We will break down the ads you should be creating, why some ads work and some don’t, the do’s and don’ts, and our 3 step method to creating ads that convert at the lowest prices we have ever seen.

Bonus 5: LIVE MENTORSHIP GROUP CALL #3-4: Guidance, Coaching and Q&A
This is where you get to access our KNOWING of how to scale, grow, and start a course, program, or service-based business as a Digital CEO. We get to give you guidance on not only what works but remove any future mistakes you may be making.

Bonus 6: MENTORSHIP Private Facebook Group
We’ve had a private FB group just for Business By Design students who buy through our link for the last 3 years. You get lifetime access to this group to be surrounded by other BBD students and myself for community, support, mentoring, and Q&A.

Bonus 7: DONE FOR YOU: Brandon’s Team Will Edit Your Thought Reversal Video
My team will edit a thought reversal video for you! Just send us the footage and styles you like and we will send you a professional video DONE FOR YOU that you get to use in your marketing and business! Please note – we do have a 4 week turnaround time so plan accordingly and this will expire after 6 months of purchasing Business By Design.

Bonus 8: Design Your Highest Converting Webinar w/ Persuasive and Powerful MESSAGING
Webinars are one of the best ways to sell your programs, courses, and services, but the problem is that most people try to teach too much. They overwhelm their audience, they don’t create demand, or they leave their audience feeling like they can do it themselves without them! We will fix that and break down our internal process of language patterns and formats to use WITH your teaching in order to drive demand and sales.

Bonus 9: Scripting A Powerful Video Series Training
There is an art to creating a video series. In fact, we’ve helped James write the Rise of the Digital CEO twice! We have written multiple video series for various entrepreneurs and mastered the art form, integrating influence and persuasion that creates demand. It’s learning how to communicate in the way the human mind processes information. Every single video series we’ve written has down multiple six figures on their first launch, even for brand new entrepreneurs.

Bonus 10: 6 WEEK ACCELERATOR PROGRAM – Live Group Calls With Brandon To Help You Move Through BBD Successfully
You don’t need more stuff, courses or training. That is what BBD is for but you do need to know where to start, what roadblocks to avoid and how to implement the BBD program based on what you sell and how far along you are in business. This accelerator is designed to help you figure out how to put the pieces in the right place for YOUR business and niche. For example, the way a $27/mo membership for yoga students is marketed is different than a $1,997 program teaching accounting. I help you piece together the MESSAGING, MARKETING, STRATEGY, IDENTITY, MINDSET, and MORE inside these 6 weeks so you get it right the first time without any confusion about doing it correctly.

Anytime we promote BBD and offer new bonuses you will get access to any and all of our BBD bonuses that are training calls, events, and pre-recorded trainings. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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