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Battlefield Mobile appears on the Google Play Store [Video]

A listing for Battlefield Mobile has been discovered on the Google Play Store, revealing details and features from EA’s upcoming mobile shooter.

Promising “large-scale battles [and] large-scale destruction” in the marketing images Battlefield Mobile is said to feature “all your favorite FPS combat” from the Battlefield series, albeit now from your tiny phone screen, which will apparently make the game “more thrilling than ever”. 

Alongside the hopefully expansive maps to destroy, there will also be gadgets and powerful vehicles such as tanks and ATVs that will aid you in your quest for building destruction as they go about “granting you the capacity for mass warfare.”

As you might expect from a modern FPS, Battlefield Mobile will also let you customise your character and their equipment, with the Google Play Store listing saying that “weapons, gadgets, skins and more can be personalized and upgraded to match your class and progress.”

With how exceptionally successfulCall of Duty: Mobile has been …

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