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Basic HTML and HTML5: freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification (Complete Code Walkthrough) [Video]

Basic HTML and HTML5: freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification (Complete Code Walkthrough)

Coding through all of freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design certification — starting with the Basic HTML and HTML5 module.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:19 Introducing the Responsive Web Design Course
00:02:10 Get Familiar with The Editor
00:02:55 Say Hello to HTML Elements
00:04:24 Headline with the h2 Element
00:06:21 Inform with the Paragraph Element
00:08:39 Fill in the Blank with Placeholder Text
00:10:24 Uncomment HTML
00:11:35 Comment out HTML
00:13:37 Delete HTML Elements
00:14:22 Introduction to HTML5 Elements
00:17:56 Add Images to Your Website
00:21:50 Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements
00:24:20 Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements
00:28:32 Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph
00:29:44 Tricks for Indenting Your Code
00:31:08 Make Dead Links Using the Hash Symbol
00:32:36 Turn an Image into a Link
00:34:29 Create a Bulleted Unordered List
00:36:40 Create an Ordered List
00:39:00 Explaining the Difference Between Unordered and Ordered Lists
00:39:33 Create a Text Field
00:40:51 Add Placeholder Text to a Text Field
00:42:11 Create a Form Element
00:44:12 Add a Submit Button to a Form
00:45:55 Use HTML5 to Require a Field
00:47:16 Create a Set of Radio Buttons
00:53:22 Create a Set of Checkboxes
00:56:11 Explaining the br Tag
00:56:53 It’s okay to copy and paste!
00:58:38 Use the value attribute with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
01:03:06 Check Radio Buttons and Checkboxes by Default
01:04:46 Nest Many Elements within a Single div Element
01:07:12 Declare the Doctype of an HTML Document
01:10:44 Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document
01:14:24 Conclusion

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