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BARILLA Launches A SIGN OF LOVE, The New Global Brand Positioned Signed By Publicis Italy. Marketing Communication News [Video]

Barilla repositions itself on a global level with a new Global Brand Campaign signed by Publicis Italy, which puts emotions back at the core of its communication and marks a new strategic path for the brand worldwide.

As in the memorable campaigns of the past, the brand speaks to people’s hearts giving a special value to a dish of pasta prepared for someone. It’s not only an attention, it’s not only taking care of those close to us, in the new Barilla film, preparing a dish of pasta becomes a way to communicate what we usually cannot say with words. Hard-to-pronounce statements like “I love you”, “I missed you” or “Sorry, it’s my fault” can be demonstrated with a dish of pasta.

The new Global Brand Campaign will be launched in 40 countries and brings together classical stories with a highly contemporary flavor. The relationships show today’s families, each with …

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